Claire Ellis

Ceramics (She / Her)
Wurundjeri Land — Brunswick, VIC

Canadian chef Claire discovered she had a knack for ceramics during one Melbourne lockdown in 2020. One year later, she left her job at world–renowned restaurant Attica to pursue clay full–time.

Claire’s collection is small yet considered, with tableware, storage containers and marbled clocks among her staple pieces.

Most integral to Claire’s practice is her use of recycled materials.

Much like a chef looks to seasonal ingredients for each dish, Claire examines the materials around her before creating her works. She breathes new life into waste by recycling eggshells, glass bottles and plastic clay bags. And the outcome may surprise you — colourful textures, balanced by smooth white bodies.

Claire is warm, meticulous, and strongly motivated by the climate crisis – look no further than her furry companion, Bootsy, who she rescued earlier this year. She lives and breathes her convictions, and is constantly challenging herself to push the envelope.