Dáša Ceramics

Ceramics By Hana Vasak (She / Her)
Wurundjeri Land — Northcote, VIC

They say that clay has memory. Shaped, moulded, impressed upon by our hands, long before entering the kiln. No truer is this than for Hana Vasak of Dáša Ceramics, who hand–builds sculptural vessels from her Northcote studio on Wurundjeri Land.

Born in Czech Republic, Hana migrated to Australia at the age of 6. She discovered clay while studying Fine Art at RMIT, and immediately fell in love with its tactility. In 2018, Hana started Dasa in honour of her mother, a kindred artist and source of inspiration.

‘‘The creative path can be quite daunting sometimes.’’

As for the process itself, Hana starts with preliminary drawings before taking a solid block of clay and building from there. Once satisfied with the form, she carves out the inside, allowing the outside to appear smooth, whilst the inside bares her hand and marks.

Her signature long necked forms and wavy ledge handles take inspiration from ancient utilitarian and ritualistic vessels.

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