Kristin Olds

Ceramics (She / Her)
Wurundjeri Land — North Warandyte, VIC

hand resting on clay
looking at house through doorway

Arriving at Kristin’s home studio, we were immediately greeted by a slice of warm orange cake, salted butter and cup of tea.

We sat in Kirstin's kitchen, overlooking a forest of native trees, and yapped away like old friends.

The ritual of slowing down, connecting and grounding oneself is at the beating heart of Kristin’s practice. She is influenced by her love of, and relationship with, nature.

After relocating from the city about a year ago, Kristin’s home has been as an endless source of inspiration. Her functional ceramics are created using minimal forms and muted tones. Her collection of tableware, vases and incense holders feel timeless. Wholesome. Effortless. But Kirstin’s magic sauce — the defining qualities that make each piece unique — is the clay itself.

Experimenting with natural and recycled clays, Kristin is constantly finding new ways to incorporate the landscape into her work. Her love for systems and process means that with each batch comes a more refined and unique outcome. In a recent exhibition, Kristin collected clay from nearby drainage works (which were otherwise destined for the tip), before firing them with wattle pods, oyster shells and other natural elements. The results are unexpected. Stunningly natural, yet handmade. Kristin's respect for raw materials is palpable. 

The Beautiful Bunch

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flower cuttings on metal table
ceramic swatches
gutter at bottom of hill

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