Nonna's Grocer

Candles by Madeleine Hoy (She / Her)
Dharawal Land — Wollongong, NSW

Image via Courier Media.

Nonna's Grocer is a concept studio founded by Wollongong based designer Madeleine Hoy.

Suffering from an on-going chronic illness, Madeleine designed her way out of her 9-5 job as an event designer, and into a design studio that allowed her to explore beauty and craftsmanship.

The studio is inspired by family, and run by family, with sister Isabel co-managing alongside Madeleine.

Madeleine, Founder

“I was sitting with Dad while he was roasting meat for dinner, and he made a throwaway comment about his grandfather's fruit shop. I was like, 'What fruit shop?'”

100 Ways to Make a Living 2022, Courier Meda

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Photography by Benito Martin, styling by Jackie Brown for Bed Threads.