Piyathath Patiparnprasert

Photography (He / Him)
Wurundjeri Land — Collingwood, VIC

Piyathath was born and raised in Nonthaburi, a riverside city just shy of Bangkok, Thailand.

Known affectionately as Gong (meaning ‘camera’ in Thai), Piyathath’s childhood was spent running around the film lab of his father and uncle’s family business. And it was in this place – playing hide and seek in the darkroom – that his love for photography was seeded.

Working as a freelance photographer at 19, Piyathath was unable to afford his own DSLR. But as fate would have it, his dad handed him a spare film camera, and so it was – from one generation to the next – a legacy in the making.

Just over 5 years ago, Piyathath moved to Melbourne to carve out his own creative identity. He shoots for fashion brands and publications, but it’s his personal work as an artist that's most rewarding.

In 2018 Piyathath started a film lab called Halide Supply in Collingwood  (we're one of his regulars), and recently expanded to another site in Chinatown (Naarm). He also manages a film lab in Bangkok, and has even started making his own film. The man does it all.

Supplied by Piyathath, with dad Kittichai.