Sozou Studio

Lighting Studio by Kohtaroh Colwell-Matsuura
Wurundjeri Land — Dandenong Ranges, VIC

Founder Kohtaroh comes from a family of artists. His grandmother was a painter – a creative mastermind who impressed upon him a curiosity about the world and a desire to think with his hands.

Perhaps it was no wonder that Kohtaroh started out with a fine art degree, studying oil painting in his hometown of Tokyo.

But it wasn’t until working in an architecture firm, shortly after graduating, where he discovered product design. Then, in 2013, with big ambitions and only a little English, Kohtaroh moved to Melbourne to pursue a degree in interior design.

East meets West in a breathtaking collection of lighting and objects, which Kohtaroh makes himself from his home studio.

Beautifully balanced panels of brass, nickel and chrome dance together to filter ambient light. Every detail is purposeful, functional, and characteristic of age-old techniques and motifs. A source of light, yet an artwork in their own right.

Kohtaroh's workshop is functional, minimal, and has a whiff of nostalgia.

A lead lamp made by Kohtaroh’s grandmother sits on a shelf, surrounded by LED parts and heavy duty machinery. The industrial space is punctuated by a scenic view of the forest below.

Made Rupert