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The vase is an age old object that breathes life into any space. But exactly where and how to use them is not always clear. We asked social enterprise The Beautiful Bunch for some tips on arranging flowers in the home.

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Jane Marx started The Beautiful Bunch when her events business (Merchant Road) was put on hold in 2020. In just two years, the pilot program has blossomed, taking on 4 new trainees per cycle and collaborating with the likes of Mecca, Alpha 60 and Heide Museum of Modern Art. We sat down with Jane to chat more about her journey and what lies ahead.

Thanks Jane for inviting us into your beautiful space! We wanted to start by asking how you approach flower arranging.
When I was taught floristry by a friend of mine — Mel, who runs Cecilia Fox — she used to say every arrangement has to look like butterflies can go through it. So that’s what we work towards in the vases and bunches here.

How sweet!
It’s a really beautiful kind of thinking.

Are there particular flowers that remind you of home?
Jasmine and Hydrangea. I had an idyllic childhood growing up on the New South Wales South coast. Coming back from the beach, I’d always gather armfuls of Jasmine to fill my bedroom with. And Hydrangea because each summer my grandmother would create beautiful floral arrangements with these big, billowy, sky-blue hydrangeas that my grandfather would grow for her and pick from their seaside garden.

Sounds wonderful. Who would you say inspires you most?
My mother-in-law. She passed away late last year. She had a brilliant business mind, but was also a big dreamer. Despite interminable challenges, she always managed to live a life on her own terms and she forever changed how I see my place in the world.

What's your go–to spring bouquet?

We’re currently making beautiful spring arrangements with butterfly delphinium, sweet pea, and peonies.

Ooh I love peonies.
Anyone who loves flowers goes nuts for peonies, and they’re not in season for long.

Are you seeing any floral trends this season?
A lot of customers are requesting flowers en masse and there is definitely a growing awareness as to what’s actually in season.

We love that. Local all the way! So what’s next for The Beautiful Bunch?
We have a lot happening. We have just launched a new website, which has been a huge project. We also have a few big brand partnerships that we’ve just started working on... 2023 will be a big one for us!

How to extend the vase life of your blooms...

Look for seasonal varieties from produce markets or a good local florist.

Consider the vase first and how that will determine the proportions; also, try to stick to a colour palette that compliments the room!

Change the vase water regularly, recut the stems, and keep them in a cool spot.
Best flowers for drying are definitely natives. We’ve been drying some for months now in preparation for creating Christmas wreaths and the change in colour and texture is so interesting.

Photography Made Rupert | Styling Alia & Hermoni (The Beautiful Bunch)
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