Who's Rupert?

Made Rupert is a Melbourne–based practice connecting local art and design to the wider community.

Founded by creative duo Sarah Forgie and Lauren Basser, we collaborate with creative practitioners to promote mindful consumption, sustainable production and the value of small business. We're guided by cultural equity and environmental ethics.



Our Values


Collaborating with smaller practices means most pieces are small batch and made–to–order. This helps to eliminate waste and manage workflow.

Supporting Local

As an emerging business in Covid, we're strong believers in making the most of what we have. Our shared economy model means small businesses have greater access to high quality content and retail opportunities. We also work with a variety of photographers and spaces to produce images that are eclectic, layered and relatable. This kind of multi–disciplinary approach provides practitioners with opportunities to connect and exhibit work alongside peers. 


We collaborate with architects, developers, social enterprises and council–led initiatives to promote interiors using pieces by local independent creatives. Our work is project based and varies with each partner — see past projects.



Creative Practitioners


Artists, makers, designers... any local practitioner that works with interiors in some way.

Looking For

A community of like–minded peers, opportunity to innovate and experiment and a low risk platform to sell/ market work.

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Space Creators


Architects/ boutique developers of recently completed homes and institutions that celebrate past success stories and promote emerging local design.

Looking For

New and innovative ways to promote their space with local art and design.

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Local Partners


Local independent photographers, publications, retailers and social enterprises with aligned values.

Looking For

A chance to show products alongside other successful creatives, and to grow consumer reach.

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