Mathilde Delatte

Seasonal Produce Calendar

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Eating seasonally is better for community, the planet and your belly. A beautiful tool and useful artwork, the wheel can be rotated through the year displaying what fruit and vegetables are in season based on the southern Australian climate. The perfect gift for all ethically-minded creatives, food lovers and the curious. No need to worry about wrapping paper, it’s all ready to go and to gift to your loved ones.

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W260 L280 (mm)

Product Info
Mathilde Delatte grew up in France, Belgium and Switzerland, shopping at local markets with her mother and eating delicious seasonal produce. She hopes this calendar will find its way into your home, inspiring you to eat more locally grown food based on what is in season.

Designed and printed in Naarm (Melbourne) using locally sourced paper and brass which, unlike many materials, can be recycled an infinite number of times. A metallic hook makes it easy to hang in your kitchen.

Creative Director — Mathilde Delatte
Illustrator — Antra Švarcs
Printer — Pinky Print