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Amphora Vase (Limited Edition)

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This hand–built vessel is inspired by ancient Grecian pottery forms. Embellished with subtle shell details and ethereal white clay, this stunning piece can be used as a functioning vase or sculptural centrepiece.

Editions3 per colour

D220 H240 (mm)

Product Info
About — Created through merging sculpting and hand building techniques, combining slab construction and Kurinuki, a Japanese term relating to a particular hand-forming process. This technique employs carving out from a shaped solid block of clay to obtain an interior space.

Made from — White clay, matte white glaze and raku slip.

Colours — Glazed in a painterly style (Matte White) or a raw burnished finish with warm sandy tones and a smooth texture (Peach Sandstone).

Made In
Northcote, VIC